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Scholarships for Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese & Khmer

The Blakemore Foundation awards scholarships for advanced Japanese, Chinese, Korean language study, as well as for advanced study of selected Southeast Asian languages.   We also make grants to improve the understanding of East Asian art in the United States.

2013 Blakemore Freeman Fellowships

Campbell, Micaela - Indonesian
Ph.D. Candidate 2016: History
University of Washington

DeSapio, Dominic - Chinese
Ph.D. Candidate 2015: Political Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hick, Peter - Chinese
M.A. 2013: East Asian Studies
Stanford University

Kingdon, Nathaniel - Korean
Ph.D. Candidate 2016: Art History
University of California at Los Angeles

Linzer, Joanna - Japanese
M.A. 2013: Regional Studies, East Asia
Harvard University
Starting Ph.D. program in fall 2014: History
Yale University

McGinnis, Scott - Chinese
Ph.D. Candidate 2016: History
University of California at Berkeley

McGovern, Nathan - Chinese
Ph.D. 2013: Religious Studies
University of California at Santa Barbara

McNelly, Kimberly - Japanese
M.A. Candidate 2015: Asian Studies
University of British Columbia