Frances Blakemore & Griffith Way Asian Art Grants

Applications are accepted by invitation only.


The following guidelines apply to Blakemore Foundation grants in support of exhibitions and internships to broaden and deepen the understanding of East Asian art in the United States.

Far Eastern Madonna by Frances Blakemore
Far Eastern Madonna
Frances Lee Wismer Baker (Blakemore) 
Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington, Seattle
Photo credit: Richard Nicol
Image courtesy of the Henry Art Gallery

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For a biography of Frances Blakemore see An American Artist in Tokyo: Frances Blakemore 1906-1997, by Michiyo Morioka, published by the University of Washington Press, 2008.

About Frances Blakemore

An active and versatile artist, Frances Blakemore held a number of painting exhibitions in Tokyo and New York, wrote and illustrated books, and became director of exhibits for the American Embassy in Japan. She is the author of Japanese Design Through Textile Patterns (Weatherhill, 1978, Fifth Printing 1984) and Who's Who in Modern Japanese Prints (Weatherhill, 1975, Fifth Printing 1983).