Blakemore Freeman Fellowships

Blakemore Freeman Fellowships are awarded for one academic year of advanced level language study in East or Southeast Asia. Eligible languages are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Burmese, Indonesian, Khmer, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The Blakemore Foundation makes grants for study only at specific language programs. Please refer to the current list of approved programs.

To be eligible for a Blakemore Freeman Fellowship, an applicant must:

Superior candidates pursuing careers in fields such as academia, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), international business, accounting, law, medicine, journalism, architecture, teaching, social or NGO work, and government service are encouraged to apply. 

Please be aware that our grants are highly competitive. In recent years, we were able to fund less than 10% of applicants.

Applications for language grants for the 2020/2021 academic year open July 1, 2019

Grant Guidelines

2020 Grant Guidelines: Click here to download in pdf format.

Paper Application Form

If you are applying from overseas and unable to access our application site using a VPN, you may submit a paper application.

2020 Paper Application Form: Click here to download in pdf format.

2020 Paper Application Form: Click here to download in Word format.

Pictures from our grantees abroad

Materials Needed for Application for Blakemore Freeman Fellowship

To apply for a Blakemore Freeman Fellowship on our application portal at you will need:

  • a list of all classes/training you have taken in your chosen language of study
  • a list of academic and professional honors you have been awarded
  • a copy in PDF format of your curriculum vitae or resume
  • a personal essay, three to four pages in length, double-spaced, in PDF format, detailing your career path and goals, discussing your academic, professional or business background, your prior study of the language and involvement with the Asian country, and how the language will be used to achieve your career objectives
  • You will need two academic or professional contacts to submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. You will fill in their names, titles and email addresses in the online application form, which will send an email to your contacts giving them a secure link to upload their letters.

    You will need to have sent to us official transcripts from all college-level institutions from which you received a degree or are currently attending. Official electronic transcripts, sent by the issuing institution's electronic transcript delivery service to, are preferred. If a college or university does not issue official electronic transcripts, official paper transcripts will be accepted, and should be mailed to the Blakemore Foundation, 801 Second Avenue, Suite 800, Seattle, WA 98104.

    After the December 30 closing date, we collate applications and send them to our board for preliminary judging. Our board's chosen finalists will be contacted by mid-March to arrange video interviews.

    Grantees are then notified by the end of March or early April.