Blakemore Freeman Fellows for 2021/2021 Academic Year

Best, Lucy - Chinese
B.A. 2019: Political Science & Asian Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Research Associate, Council on Foreign Relations

Bui, Alvin - Chinese
Awarded 2020; deferred due to pandemic

B.A. 2015: History & Asian American Studies, UCLA
Ph.D. Student: History, University of Washington

Dolton-Thornton, Nathaniel - Chinese
B.S. 2016: Conservation & Resource Studies, UC-Berkeley
M.Phil. 2019: Geographical Research, University of Cambridge
M.St. 2020: Comparative Literature & Critical Translation, University of Oxford

Ha, Thu-Huong - Japanese
B.A. 2010: English, Princeton University

Harding, Bridget - Korean
B.S. 2016: Sustainablity, Arizona State University
M.A. 2020: Korea Studies, University of Washington
M.Marine Affairs 2020: University of Washington

Lee, Benjamin - Japanee
B.A. 2015: Chinese & International Studies, University of Washington
M.A. Candidate 2021: International Economics & Strategic Studies, Johns Hopkins SAIS

Leung, Nicholas - Japanese
B.A. 2020: Biological Sciences and Asian Studies, Cornell University

Shuve-Wilson, David - Chinese
B.Mus. 2007: Vocal Performance, University of Michigan
M.Mus. 2009: Vocal Performance, New England Conservatory
D.M.A. 2016: Vocal Arts, University of Southern California
Ph.D. Candidate: Enthnomusicology, University of Chicago

Taquet, Sarah - Chinese
Awarded 2020; deferred due to pandemic
B.S. 2020: Global Business, University of Redlands
B.A. 2020: Asian Studies, University of Redlands

White, Cameron - Chinese
B.A. 2014: East Asian Studies, Princeton University
Ph.D. Student: Asian Languages & Literatures, University of Michigan

Woodbury, Polly - Khmer
B.A. 2014: Psychology, Western Washington University
B.A. 2014: Communication Studies, Western Washington University
M.Social Work 2019: University of Washington
M. Public Health 2020: University of Washington

Xue, Cindy - Chinese
B.S. 2017: Cognitive Science, Yale University
Business Analyst, McKinsey & Co.

Zhu, April - Chinese
Awarded 2020; deferred due to pandemic
B.A. 2014: Environmental Studies & Studio Art, Wellesley College