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Scholarships for Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese & Khmer

The Blakemore Foundation awards scholarships for advanced Japanese, Chinese, Korean language study, as well as for advanced study of selected Southeast Asian languages.   We also make grants to improve the understanding of East Asian art in the United States.

2015 Language Grant Applications

Application are now being accepted for the 2015 Blakemore Freeman Fellowships and Refresher Grants.

Materials are available on our language grant page, where you can download application forms, grant guidelines and eligibility requirements. Our FAQ page has answers to many common questions. You may also contact Cathy Scheibner at the Foundation by phone at (206) 359-3684 or email.

My Blakemore Freeman Fellowship provided me with the tools I need to survive as a business leader in China. 

The Blakemore Freeman Fellowship changed the trajectory of my career and life, granting me a tremendous opportunity to focus my energy exclusively on one dream: raising my Chinese language skills to an advanced professional level. As a Blakemore Freeman Fellow, I was not only provided with access to some of the world’s most skilled language instructors at National Taiwan University’s International Chinese Language Program (ICLP), but also joined an exceptional group of classmates who have become life-time friends. The ICLP education opened many exciting professional doors. Currently, I’m working as the leader of a division marketing team for the Chinese subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company. As the only non-Chinese member of the its China business team I am completely immersed in Chinese language and culture on a daily basis.  

--Former Blakemore Freeman Fellow